RMB Service Provider Referral List Application

Thank you so much for your interest in being on the IDA-RMB Service Provider Referral List.

Our Service Provider Referral Application is available for download below. We accept applications for all types of professionals servicing the LD community including diagnosticians, tutors, therapists, physicians, etc. If you would like to be considered as a tutor or dyslexia therapist on the Service Provider Referral List, please follow the instructions in the application and contact us if you have any questions.

Note that all tutor/therapist applicants must meet the IDA’s Knowledge and Practice Standards for Teachers of Reading, and be in alignment with IDA policy and current research. All tutor/therapist applicants must follow the principles and practices of Structured LiteracyTM in the service of preventing reading failure and remediating off-track readers with dyslexia, and other academic language-literacy challenges, in order to be included on the list.

If you are a diagnostician, psychologist, physician, attorney or special school, please contact us for special instructions regarding applying to be on the list. Please be advised that all applicants must be Professional Members or Corporate Members with our National IDA Organization before your application can/will be approved. Thank you for helping us provide quality referrals to our community!

CLICK HERE to download the application for private tutors and dyslexia therapists.*.

Referral Application


*Please note that it may take a few weeks for our volunteer committee to review your submission. Thank you for your patience and understanding. We look forward to receiving your application!