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Saturday, April 13, 2019

Featuring Hugh Catts, Ph.D., Professor and Director of the College of Communication and Information at Florida State University.

His research interests include the early identification and prevention of language-based reading disabilities. He is currently a investigator on two projects funded by the Institute of Education Sciences. One project involves a five-year longitudinal study designed to increase our understanding of the role of language skills in reading comprehension, and knowledge on ways to effectively increase reading comprehension through systematic classroom-based instruction. The project involves a consortium of researchers from the Florida State University, University of Kansas, Ohio State University, University of Nebraska, Lancaster University (England), and Arizona State University. In the other project, Hugh and his research team are examining the effectiveness of Response to Intervention as a framework for the identification of kindergarten children at risk for reading disabilities.


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“Dyslexia is a different brain organization that needs different teaching methods. It is never the fault of the child, but rather the responsibility of us who teach to find methods that work for that child.”


—MARYANNE WOLF, Director, Center for Reading and Language Research, Tufts University

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